My Cuba documentary footage - public domain | Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

During one of my trips to Cuba just over a year ago, I recorded several hours of interviews, scenery and other footage. Along with the web project it was supposed to complement, it was a casualty of prioritization. It got left on the backburner, a victim of someone's attempt to do too much by himself.

... he was a damned fool - arrogant, ambitious, and very much in need of seasoning.

Doing some more video work now, I unearthed some of the footage that I had taken, and rather than let it collect dust here, I've put it up in three slightly edited clips over on my Cuba blog.

You can also download the full (captions are deprecated now, though) version over at the Internet Archive.

Finally, unlike the rest of my blog, I've decided to put all of it not under a Creative Commons License, but straight into the Public Domain. You can take the video, remix it, edit it, use it for your own purposes, etc. It belongs to the Public Domain. It would be cool if you could drop me an email or a comment if you do decide to use it for your own work, though - just to satisfy my curiosity.

Video: National Conference on Media Reform | Sunday, March 25th, 2007

NCMR - Owning our own media infrastructure
National Conference for Media Reform - Owning our own Media Infrastructure introductions. (Right-click to download - 13MB)

Extremely, unforgivably late, here's the session introductions from the Owning our own Media Infrastructure in Memphis this past January, that Josh kindly invited me to be on (and moderated).

The sound's too low and we had some technical difficulties with the camera, but it's still awesome to go back and watch this and recognize people from the session.

I'd love to think I'd invented the whole "pass-your-video-camera-around-to-the-audience" shtick - but I probably didn't. :(

It's a whole lotta fun though.

PS Home on Sony's Playstation 3 | Thursday, March 8th, 2007

From the 2007 Game Developers Conference
Sony announces PS Home
Trailer for Sony's PS Home service

Right-click here to download the trailer

Apparently, this is what everyone is getting so excited about - "Best of Nintendo's Miis, a few Xbox 360 Achievements, Second Life, and the Sims".

Let me break that down that equation for you - take the atrocious animation, pointless wandering and ridiculous interface from the failed experiment that was Second Life, add the customization and interaction features from Nintendo's Miis (without the fun and cuteness), copy The Sims (except that now you have to pay to decorate your place), and slap invasive, real-world advertising all over the place.

Sounds like hours of fun! Or... minutes.

My favorite part is when they show what happens when you "add" a sofa chair - it basically drops from the sky and bounces around a little. I'd love to try that on the hardwood floors of a Sony exec's $5M home.

The only good thing are the graphics, which Sony has always excelled at. It doesn't make me want a $700 Second Life clone any more, though. Especially when the people I meet online are very seldom people I'd actually want to interact with, and that Gamepad interfaces are incompatible with my clumsy hands.

And seriously guys - we've reached a plateau in developing our online 3D applications. It seems the culminating effort of all the billions of dollars and sweat and tears has been to "create a polygonal 3D environment where users can stand around in a circle, type to each other instead of speaking, perform absolutely ludicrous animation gestures, and dance".

Because that's all I do in real life when I hang out with my friends.

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