CCA Science and Tech Mindmap | Friday, December 5th, 2008

This past Saturday, I have the opportunity to moderate a very useful discussion about community and online collaboration at the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

This is a rough mind map of the questions and answers that we tossed around. Clicking the thumbnail will bring you to the large .png image, but editable / open ascii, html, latex and MS Office versions are attached, as well as the original kdissert mind map.


Video: National Conference on Media Reform | Sunday, March 25th, 2007

NCMR - Owning our own media infrastructure
National Conference for Media Reform - Owning our own Media Infrastructure introductions. (Right-click to download - 13MB)

Extremely, unforgivably late, here's the session introductions from the Owning our own Media Infrastructure in Memphis this past January, that Josh kindly invited me to be on (and moderated).

The sound's too low and we had some technical difficulties with the camera, but it's still awesome to go back and watch this and recognize people from the session.

I'd love to think I'd invented the whole "pass-your-video-camera-around-to-the-audience" shtick - but I probably didn't. :(

It's a whole lotta fun though.